Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Imagine these amazing tapes wrapped all around a brown paper gift. No matter what was inside it'd be the best present since sliced bread. I'm excited just thinking about what else I'd use it for...maybe just tape up all the windows and doors and live in a magical little cave of tape-flavoured joy. How are all these characters by Japanese designers so very Japanese but yet so French. Oh to live in this perfect JapanoFrench world and never grow old...

all from cottonblue (who also stock loooovely fabric)


Paper Girl Productions said...

I LOVE all of that tape!! I use to collect kawaii tape and then it got so expensive to ship it here!! argh.

nuvonova said...

I love those, I keep meaning to buy some, but I want to get lots... but then shipping gets SO high, to the point it makes me think... damn I could get another 10!

I'm hoping one day to holiday to Japan with an empty suitcase and get a whole lot all to myself!