Saturday, 14 March 2009

eric carle

Today I saw an interview in the Guardian with Eric Carle and it reminded me of shelving and smiling at his books while working at Waterstones (*sob* those were the days). Of course pretty much everyone knows and loves the very hungry caterpillar, but what I didn't realise until working among the wonderful world of children's books, is that some of his other characters are even better. His illustrations of bears and other creatures have the style of collages; their limbs look hinged and thus they come alive. I can imagine exactly how they would move if animated.

He also seems to make lots of really quite magical "merchadise". At charistmas there was a pop-up advent calandar thing, and I remember seeing some loooovely animal flashcards for learning ABC. He seems to appreciate the art of papercraft as well as illustration. Look at the pop-up santa...he looks like an old tin robot :)

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