Thursday, 17 February 2011

sewing machine

I rarely use my trusty sewing machine. It's seen better days; I inherited it from my mum (that makes it sound like she's dead, which she is not!), and it could probably do with a service, but it still goes fine so I should put it to more use.

With this in mind I've been eying up the new Meet Me At Mike's book, called Sew La Tea Do, at work. It's a beaut and has a couple of very easy very wearable dresses in it (along with lots of cute kid's, men's, and house stuffs).

I'm not one to buy expensive sewing books; all of the books in my sewing library cost under £5 from the market or charity shops. So I've been browsing dress patterns on etsy but I'm struggling to find exactly what I want.

This one's cute but I'd like something simpler...

I'm sure I'll find time to sew myself something soon, just as soon as I've achieved brooch world domination

x x x x x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Hurrah, two etsy sales in the last two days; nothing like a bit of custom to raise my spirits.

Handmade5! has been and gone, so now I can concentrate all efforts on amypanda global domination.

I've rented out a shelf space at BirdsYard, a lovely independent shop in Leeds, here's a snap of my shelf...


So, aims... I've never quite got to the stage where I treat crafting as a serious part-time job, and thus I'm never quite organised. THIS MUST END. I have four new short term aims, and four more for the year

In the next two months:

- always have more than 10 items up on my etsy at one time

- sell 10 items by the end of March

- have at least 4 craft fairs booked, including the next handmade date confirmed

- blog or tweet or facebook or post on etsy about amypanda regularly

By the end of 2011:

- hit 100 sales on etsy (I'm currently at 49 so this will mean doubling my sales; I joined etsy years ago now so this is a big push)

- get a decent website up for handmade

- do at least 8 craft fairs over the year (indietracks definetely counts, hope I make it there again this year)

- join up again to some groups on etsy

Oh and I forgot the other BIG aim; keep track of all incomings and outgoings to finally establish whether or not I'm making any profit. Starting from now. No excuses.

lovely stuff

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