Monday, 26 September 2011


As part of the dream to live a more sustainable, green life, we have been delving into the world of foraging. If we can't grow our own just yet then we can at least go out and collect some free food from the amazing countryside around West Yorkshire. So we donned our matching walking boots and went on a woodland walk oozing with brambles. After an hour or so of collecting we had a plastic bag FULL of blackberries, and I made jam. Hurrah! I think I over-boiled it a bit so it's extra thick, but it tastes really good! And I even used half a jar in an apple crumble (with apples from Dan's parents apple trees!), which is really yum!

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Friday, 23 September 2011


mmm cute expensive sea-scape patterned wallpaper. lovely.

by Abigail Edwards (check out her owl paper too here)

Saturday, 17 September 2011


I'm a big fan of books. Magazines don't really do it for me, and technological replacements aren't the same. I mostly buy fiction to bury my nose in, but I'm also slowly but surely becoming addicted to buying vintage sewing/craft books. I can't resist a cheap charity shop find.

Some of them are real gems packed with projects that don't always date very well! think tassels!


I've spent the last few days in Amsterdam soaking up some culture. I was SO pleasantly suprised to find that the sex, drugs, and Stag-do's were very easily avoidable, and that outside of the small central red-light district the city is both stunning and oozing with European style. I spent much of the time gazing up at the apartments, peeking in the windows at the perfect modern interiors, and longing to live such a stylish perfect life! But, alas I am much to fond of clutter for such a life! We hired bikes for a day and took a ferry north, which was windy but really lovely. A row of wooden picture-book houses along the sea-front were pretty much the most perfect place to live that I can imagine. I loved it. Cute children in boxes on the front of bikes. Cool bars and coffee shops. The best falafel we've ever had.

cute shop! I managed not to buy anything but fell in love with brightly painted vintage bread tins.

felt ja!


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