Sunday, 24 April 2011

night in

Me and Syliva had a girls night in hanging out in my sewing room.

She "helped" me to cut out a dress pattern. And I spent a good few hours wrestling thread from her snappy little mouth.

The end result was a dress of tiny proportions fit for a 6 year old and with dodgy seams thanks to a sewing machine in dire need of a service. Success? I think so.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring clean

All of my aims for March were put on the back burner because my lovely amazing little cat Panda died. He was only 1 year old and his horrible death put everything on hold for a little while. The house was incredibly empty without him around, and so we made the decision to get a new kitten.....

Introducing Sylvia....

On the craft front I have still been a busy bee, I sold at 100%handmade in Ilkley, and Reetsweet at the corn exchange in Leeds. Both were lovely events and I look forward to doing more this summer.