Wednesday, 13 June 2012

blog feature

I've been featured on a blog called Yonder and they're giving away one of my fox brooches here.

They approached me through etsy and I'd never seen the blog before, but I've enjoyed reading through their posts - the blog is run by two friends Megon and Julie, and as well as great posts about etsy sellers, trends, and everyday life, Megon has a baby so there are posts to keep me happy in my obsession with all things baby related!

Alongside the giveaway they did an interview with me, which is rather embarassing and totally baby obsessed, but it was nice to have some interesting questions asked that were personal to me rather than the usual general ones.

It's nice to have been noticed! Two of my brooches - the London bus and a camera brooch - have recently made the etsy front page, so my listing views are through the roof - I don't feel so invisible anymore! Woo! Now roll on the sales before I'm totally consumed by baby brain!

x x x x x x x