Thursday, 19 March 2009

easter chic

One of the perks of living in Manchester for the time-being is that I can go and drool over products in a big paperchase store. I love stationary. And when all lined up in colour-co-orinated height order...sighhh. And they've got a really impressive range of stationary with interesting prints.

Any way, some of their easter stuff is really sweet. a real tweet. (sorry). My absolute favourite is a little set of chenille chicks. I've realised that I'm a sucker for silly little chenille characters. I bought some little chenille santa's from barnados at christmas and I can't wait to stock up on more this year! The idea of things made out of pipe-cleaners is so so sweet! I'm a child. The paperchase website doesn't have the chicks online but I found these fellas on a site called easter parade...

can't believe I'm going awwwwww at a snip of yellow pipe-cleaner.

And this bunch of chicks on etsy have got me all mushy, they look like they really do just want a loving home


x x x x x

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Paper Girl Productions said...

a real tweet! lol!! too cute!