Thursday, 18 September 2008


I have horrible horrible tooth-ache. It's swollen my little face. Owwwww. I'm giving myself a full dose of painkillers, two paracetemol and two ibuprofen every alternate two hours. I'm so self consious about facing the world with my wonky whale face =(

I made a custom fox terrier badge for a lovely etsian yesterday and I'm posting him today. I'm a cat person at heart but it did turn out so darn cute that I think I'll be making more.

Gotta go jet off for a job interview, ciaow



Paper Girl Productions said...

ooo augh..toothaches are the worse :(
I hope you feel better!!

Forever Foxed said...

Hello Amy, I love my Fox Terrier badge and have been wearing it loads. It's had lots of admiring comments!