Monday, 15 September 2008

rosy red cheeks, glowing red nose

I nearly forgot...I've been putting together some new favourite items on etsy because I'd love to do a treasury, but keep missing the key times when there's space for them, so incase I never get to post it on etsy here are my exciting choices. My theme is red for autumn, inspired by my red nose and cheeks! They are rouge whimiscal items to take the attention off my face! Also a few items are very "back to school"....sigh...those were the days....



TheresaJ said...

Very well done! :) I hope you get a treasury soon. They sure are tricky... You practically have to be a treasury stalker to get one.

Victoria Ann said...

Love your blog treasury:) hope you get one soon.
I keep returning to red as a fav colour,it is not a colour I would wear, but I am using a lot of it in decorating my house. I have just strated making a quilt in cream, black and poppy red :)

Mad boo x

Christie Cottage said...

Very pretty blog tresury!

I found your link on etsy.