Sunday, 3 August 2008

I have some exciting indietracks I was asked by John from wiaiwya to make some badges to sell as merch for the label. I'm so excited by this because I've been thinking for a while how nice it'd be to join up with people in the music world on projects. I love that I've sold badges at clubnights I genuinely LOVE, and gigs I'm passionate about (indietracks being the most exciting). I might even be makng some mini rose melberg'!

I've begun attempts at wiawya stuff and these are my two first mixtapes....

This is how my etsy is looking...I'm going to try to add at least one item a day for a week or two just to see what kind of success I get. I'm still only on 5 sales on etsy but I've also sold a few through myspace so I'm definetely not giving up on the internet to use as a tool for selling.

My current obsession is colourful stationary. Look at these tickets...(but what on earth would I use them for?!)

these are from schOOLLOcker on etsy.


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