Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Do you want to work in C and A 'cause that's what they expect...

I am still jobless. But still inspired by everything around me and still SO excited about the wonderful world of felt.

I have new to do's....learn how to do "real" felting with raw wool and needles, finish my batch of mixtapes and ipods THIS WEEK for wiaiwya and post them off, polish off my packaging skills so that I have nicely uniform items to post off to etsians.

I have excitingggg newssssss. I emailed a bunch of people about craft fairs and YAY there's an art and craft fair in Leeds every two weeks and it's 25pounds a stall and yay yay yay. In around three weeks there is a tea dance themed event and I really really want to be ready to sell by then so that I can bake up some cakes and set up a really cute table of teaparty themed items and wow I'm just so excited I can't even find a full stop. It does mean that maybe I'll have to abandon etsy a little bit for a while. I think I'll aim for listing one new item on etsy every three days and dedicate the rest of my time to filling a stall with felt wonders.


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