Monday, 27 July 2009

back from indietracks

Indietracks was fab. super-dooper. I'm smiling just thinking about it. I sold lots and lots of brooches to lots and lots of lovely people. Everyone there was so so nice. I think it managed to be my FAVOURITE ever indietracks. Toot toot! I don't even mind that I missed a few bands I'd really wanted to see, playing shop was fun.

It was definitely my drunkest indietracks though. I sure managed to get through a lot of cider. It was too lovely and fun for me to be embarrassed about manically dancing and talking absolute rubbish to new people. I had a moment of rosy-cheeked shame when on the second day I was manning (or woman-ing) my stall and saw a couple of smittens and suddenly remembered talking to them the previous night extremely drunk. I remember going on and on about how big America is, and I think I kept forgetting if they were from Canada or America and asking over and over. God. I am a silly little thing when I'm drunky. But in summary, it was great! Oh god, I should also apologise to any of the several Swedish people I insisted on talking to (or rather talking at) about how I've been to Stockholm. Amy, they don't CARE. I met so many nice people, what a wonderful indiepop world it is. Even the rain didn't dampen my spirits too much. Dancing til dawn has taken it out of me, I've eaten a whole pack of rich tea's since getting back and at some point I have to face that it's time to sew some more brooches before Saturday. I'm tired.

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