Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Rayon Rose Vintage fair and Tea Party

I've just found out about, and decided to take part in, a rather exciting tea party themed event. It's called Rayon Rose Vintage Fair and Tea Party, and not only do they have lovely stalls, but they also have an attached tea rooms where you're served tea and cake on cake trolleys by your own waitress. I am so so happy about taking part in something like this because it really signal braching out into the vintage lovers market, and I think that although my brooches aren't strictly speaking part of the "vintage fashion" scene I do think that they'll fit in just fine there. Plus the event is at Leeds Met students union, so is bound to be a very busy affair.

It's on the 18th October, so I'd better get sewing like crazy just as soon as I get all my stuff unpacked in my new flat =)

Exciting times

x x x x x

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Paper Girl Productions said...

What a fantastic theme!! I love tea parties!! I just went to a tea house and had wee lil cream cheese sandwiches (though there's probaly a name for them!)...what will you be sewing up?! ooo soo exciting!!