Wednesday, 26 August 2009

the book club

I'm in the first stages of planning a clubnight. The first stages being getting giddy and thinking about how fun it'd be. I want it to be called the book club and loosely have a bookshop/library theme (geek)...people will be stamped with a date stamp upon arrival and the music will be "influenced by literature or books" haha so basically anything with words. I also would like to wear animal costumes but that might be asking too much of your average punter.

I'm excited about possible flyer designs. To start with I was thinking of making it like a vintage puffin bookcover with orange stripes and have the bands in some really cheesy font in the middle. But now I'm thinkin that I'd like to encorporate some kind of totoro inspired character eating books. This is cute...

oui xx

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Sahara said...

oh badge-bud this is a lovely idea, you must do it! you could have the bands names listed on the book spines? lots of fun! X